Do you love YOU?

I’ve touched on body image on this blog before but never went too much into detail…didn’t want to.

Today I do.

I was talking to one of the girls I regularly train about ones perception of themselves and the impact it has on other people. She says fat people make others this true? I cannot confirm this..I do know that if someone sees a hefty person in whatever setting there is some judgement that comes with it. Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t know about you but I do get fed up at times about thinking then over thinking my diet, my family’s  diet, what foods are good, what foods are bad…it can be overwhelming. That and the fact that you know in order to be healthy one has to eat right. (More on this to follow). I have a daughter…for now I am responsible for her she begins to understand things I’m responsible for helping her develop a good sense of self, to help her see past all the stereotypical images of beauty, to help her accept that just as she is – she is beautiful.

Children pick up a lot from their parents.So, I have to make sure I give her the right attitude as far as body image is concerned. That it’s ok to workout and eat that avocado sandwich when everyone is eating a bacon and cheese sandwich (no offense to bacon lovers..I love it too). That working out isn’t just a pre-requisite to lose weight but a way to have fun. It means me loving me enough to appreciate that I am beautiful and everything about me is ok so she can learn the same.


It’s a challenge especially when everyday you are faced with a particular type of beauty and fads such as “thigh gaps are the thing to have” (I missed that bus so can’t even see it on the horizon)    I’m working on it, and every time I think something negative about my body I force myself to think of two positive things about it.

Your attitude at the start of any workout  or nutrition program is very important..that’s why I believe you must love yourself enough to accept yourself and embrace the change that you feel you may need. and not lose sight of it.

What do you do to pick yourself up when you feel bad about the way you look?



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