Must Love Food

I love my food..the various combinations you can have, the way flavours combine, the varied textures, the smells…FOOD IS GREAT! I won’t even apologise for putting it in caps. Food always seems to be the enemy at some point in your life – when you’re at that teenage stage where you’re trying to fit in, the young adult stage where you want to look like everyone else, the young mother stage where you want to loose the baby weight and it just won’t go..the first thing we blame is the food we eat.

Fair enough, these days it can be argued that we eat a lot more processed foods and it is so hard to eat – let alone eat right – when there is so much stress and pressure on you. True there is. BUT, do you ever pause to remember, as you skip your breakfast (insert meal you miss here) to meet that ever looming deadline or to try beat the never ending traffic or sit in that loooooong meeting, that  if your health took a turn for the worse and you had to leave your job, your employer would replace you in a heartbeat? It’s not their fault. They have targets to meet and they need to keep moving. It’s life.

Your health on the other hand is not continuous. You need to stop and smell the coffee/roses/pineapples or whatever. Just stop. Have your meal. Savour it. Treat yourself right. Your family needs you more than your employer.

Here are some suggestions to get you in check and try get your meal life in order (in one way or another). Try this out and let me know how you feel and fare.

  1. Always  have a bottle of water with you. There are many in the market in varying capacities. Carry it with you everywhere. Offices these days have water dispensers in most places. You can always ask for a refill
  2. Have an apple or a banana nearby. Whichever is easy for you to get (you can’t miss bananas on the roads as you sit in traffic) These are great to keep your energy up as you sit in traffic
  3. If you can’t eat your breakfast at home, carry it with you or better yet prepare it the night before so you can grab it as you run out. (or  wake early and eat)
  4. Chose a day to do meal prep.  Make it a family affair if you have to. Just do it so that you have the food ready when you need it and all you have to do is warm and eat. If that notion is alien to you, pack your dinner leftovers for lunch and carry 2 fruits (inclusive of the apple/banana) or 30-60gms of nuts and seeds to eat 3 hours after breakfast (a fruit/nuts) and 3 hours after lunch (a fruit/nuts). The idea is to get 5 meals into your day
  5. Try have protein and a veg with each meal. Proteins are varied and veges can be fruits. (protein supplements can work but that’s a story for another day)

Lastly, when you do sit down to eat,enjoy your meal, enjoy the flavours and enjoy the company you’re with.

Must love food 🙂




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