Today’s post is not about working out or eating food. It’s more about my journey with me and food and health. I’m sure many can relate. Yesterday while I was wasting time on social media,  I saw an advert (or what you would like to call it) about the Java Wave. Now I like Java cakes and I like their iced Arnold Palmer…so I took this as a great opportunity to get some much needed work done and indulge in cake. I know, I should eating clean and should be mindful of what I eat but this week though, it has been an uphill task. I think I have eaten more chocolate this week than I have in the last 2 months combined. ( I am slightly remorseful about that though when I look in the mirror I am VERY remorseful and lament over the last 2 or 3 pieces of chocolate I ate.)

Anyway, what’s eaten can’t be undone. It’s what I do next that’s the challenge. I need to get on board this clean eating thing 150% not the 70-85% that I currently do. It’s hard to get into it but once you do, it is quite easy to stay on track. What happened was, I got pregnant, and my mum – and everyone who had a stake in the babies – said I need to eat more as I was feeding not just myself but 2 other whole beings. Fair enough. I don’t think I starved, and putting on weight in pregnancy is healthy – but I did not want to do the whole “eating for 2 thing” I was more about “eating mindfully”. As such, back came the carbs at lunch and dinner, and I was a bit more lenient on myself in terms of food.

The babies came, and the story changed from eating for 2 to feeding 2 and you. So the carbs had to continue. Why the focus on carbs..well I realised that I don’t do well with carbs and had limited my consumption pre-pregnancy. Not that this changed, but I did not want my children born with issues that resulted from me not eating a well (traditional) balanced diet. I went with it. Now I’m breastfeeding..have 2 months to my cut off – the babies may have a different idea – but I’m sticking to my plan.

So, this weekend, I’m doing my meal prep and getting my whole family on board…daddy and the 2 babies whether they like it or not.

For the record..the chocolate fudge and the Iced Arnold Palmer were GREAT!! 🙂

Next week, we start on a new challenge…31 days long. I got a few suggestions on what you want to do so, August we go hard!!!!






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