Feedback please :)

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I was really excited about our #abmonth and was focusing more on that than the blog for the month. For the avid follower – I’m sorry. For the first timers…I give you a very warm welcome. #abmonth I believe has gone well. Tomorrow we celebrate our last day and I have a great workout for you. That obviously doesn’t mean that there will be no more in terms of workouts coming your way, not at all. I will give you a break then we start in October. I would like your suggestions please on what you would like us to do next…I’m very open to suggestions 🙂 .

I would also like to know what you liked the most about our challenge month, what you would like changed, what you would like added – your feedback helps me cater more to your requirements and helps me make the next challenges or workouts a lot more fun and interesting for you..and you are the important one here.

That is the start of our beautiful relationship 🙂 And I hope I correctly assume that we have… Working out is one thing..we also have to remember our diet. Both work together to give us the desired results.  I did not give much information on your diet for the #abmonth challenge, but I do hope the guide lines I gave you earlier helped with your meal planning and food plan.

So, email me on and let me know all about your #abmonth I’d be happy to have all your feedback!

Happy week to you all!!!



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