MOTIVE is the reason behind why you do something.

The start of any year brings about well meaning resolutions that are rarely met…as a disclaimer, this does not refer to everyone. Some people do achieve their resolutions. But the historical records (I am sure they are somewhere ) prove that more often than  not, resolutions are made and not followed through.

Where am I going with this… We all have a good reason when we make our resolution but along the way we loose site of this.



I made my resolution this year with the intention of achieving it 100%. My motivation? My daughter… Why? Well, we were sharing a moment during her evening feed and I was at my most comfortable (ie very relaxed). She likes grabbing at stuff when she feeds and on this particular day she grabbed my belly….my rather not so toned and a bit of extra skin on there belly  (my pregnancy did a number on me). This jolted me…(rather dramtic aren’t I ) into re-evaluating my health and fitness. Let’s be clear on this: yes I did work out over the last year and a bit of my pregnancy but for the most part I was a couch potato. Obviously I put on weight…(not too much though thankfully) and quite honestly ate everything I knew I shouldn’t including those foods that do not work for me (bread… 😦 ).

So yes…this may be cliché, but my New Years resolution is to lose actually…my New Years resolution is to look good naked 🙂 As such, I am going to do all I can to achieve this. I will make it SMART (necessary evil)  and I will set myself up for success in all ways. And case you were wondering..I am roping in my best friend and partner in crime (my husband) on this  adventure 🙂

It started with daily exercise and a detox by the way..a 3 day detox..I’m still on it…and I’m… It continues into a fast and then into clean eating. (#determinationandseriousresultsexpected)

Have you any resolutions you would like to share?









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