False Starts

I can’t say I have been as faithful to you dear reader as I had promised at the start of this year.  I had promised to start working out and go at it hard and I did and then I lost momentum along the way. This happened more than once 😦

But to keep on track with my workout program, I now have an accountability group made up of 6 dedicated women.  We have good days and bad days but we’re on it. We keep each other going. That’s what accountability partners are there for. That said, it still can happen that you fall off your routine and struggle to get back on it – the struggle is very real!

I think I have identified why I haven’t stuck to my routines…children aside. I try too many things at the same time and then I get lost because of the magnitude of the whole thing. So what I have decided to do is simple. I’m breaking it down month by month.  This past month, I was challenged to drink a glass of lime water everyday morning after I woke up. 21days later I’m still going strong. (yaaaaay)

In March, I’m going to add waking up earlier than usual to do half an hours workout (somewhere I know I have a great workout dvd).  The April challenge will sort itself. Oh I also aim to give up wheat, sweets and do a decent detox for Lent..#Catholicambitions

This should put an end to all my false starts…and yes, I will let you know how that goes… Lol…

Do you have any mini challenges you would.like to set? Feel free to share for support!




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