You start at the gym at the beginning of the year or whenever and you promise yourself that this time around you are going to make it through. A few days into your new routine something happens and you do not go back to it for  whatever reason – being it work ,  family or what have you. You lose the momentum and you drift off into the usual pace of your life. A few months later you try again and as before something comes up and the cycle continues. It is a familiar story to many I know – to me too. It has happened more than once.

How to change it? It eats at me every now and then when I get to this point and I get frustrated. I want to look all glam and fab like Beyoncé post Blue. She is the media personality I like identifying with  – but I know she puts in A LOT of work to look how she looks. I also know she has variables that I do not have that put us on uneven footing. That notwithstanding – she is what I would imagine I could look like if I put in all the time, energy and everything into it. Will I ever look like her – I doubt it..but I damn well will try.

What does she do that I don’t – all resources and other factors aside? For one she is CONSISTENT. Come rain, come sunshine, come concert or no concert she is working hard on her body and her physique. I fail because I am not consistent. If I could be as consistent as she is in my diet and in my workouts I am so sure I would be miles ahead in my journey. But I am not. I should be.


This is how I plan to succeed this time around:

  1. I have my accountability group so I have no excuse for any laziness as they hold me accountable
  2. For my diet I will do my meal planning and prep before hand so it becomes a grab and go thing.
  3. I will set a time frame which I will review and adjust at the set time.
  4. I will be consistent and set a reminder on my phone for my workouts and meals.
  5. I will be positive and be good to myself –  I am very guilty of thinking negative thoughts about the way I look. If I keep thinking this way it is obvious that everything around me will be skewed to the negative. POSITIVITY should be the norm not the exception!!!!!!!!!

How do you stay consistent with your workouts? Any tips you would like to share?





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