Detox…part 1


It’s a popular phrase…mostly used when people have overindulged in something and want a break from it. I kept on saying that this year I’ll start with a detox then embark on a clean eating lifestyle.  Yeah..neither has happened…..yet. I always find a great excuse not to.

This time however I decided to do it and get it right. I did the Bikini Body Detox by Danette May. It’s a 3 day program that is meant treat one’s metabolism and just generally clean your insides.

Day 1 wasn’t too bad. It was all about green juices and apple cider vinegar. Not just any apple cider vinegar’s the one with “the mother”. This is meant to be the best vinegar out there. (for more on how awesome it is, click here)  In the evening I still felt peckish so I had some pineapple after my last dinner – around 2 hours later. Made it past my last stopping point – YAY.

Day 2 went much better. 2 juices and 1 meal…and the apple cider vinegar. I like the apple cider vinegar mix. It tasted quite nice and may continue doing that even after the detox.

Day 3 was the similar to day 3…2 juices and a meal. Instead of having the meal at dinner, it was served at lunch – with mango. It was delicious if I may say so myself and so was the last juice. (it was a coconut milk /banana juice mix…yum yum)

I made it to the end this time…and what results did I get out of it. Well, for starters, I think my tummy seems a bit flatter than when I started (maybe I should have measured something there). Overall to be very honest, I do not really see much of a change in anything be it physically or metabolically.

Maybe I did it wrong – these things happen.

As I ponder these (non)changes, I am working myself up to do the next detox – the Jane Mukami 10 day detox. A friend of mine did it for 3 days and called it quits…I hope I make it to the end. (wish me luck)

I will embark on this project after Easter – it is a time for celebration after all 🙂 (in moderation though). One thing that I have stuck to from the Bikini Body Detox though is the apple cider vinegar mix. It tastes good and has all those amazing benefits (highlighted in the earlier link).

As a disclaimer though I should mention that detox  is not a weight loss guarantee and should not be used exclusively to try lose weight. It is meant to clear the body of toxins and in some instances kick start your weight loss journey. Even then, it needs to be done (I think) with advice from a nutritionist. Sometimes people can go overboard in the quest to match society’s beauty standards.

LISTEN to your body as you go through ANY detox.

It makes a difference.

Stay well and stay healthy.



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